Wild Times with... Charlotte, Founder of State of Yin


State of Yin is a holistic wellness brand creating products that support mind, body and soul. 100% organic, vegan and made with sustainable packaging their products include nourishing hot drinks with potent superfoods and herbal blends designed to support hormonal health.

We caught up with Charlotte, the founder of State of Yin, who's also been kind enough to provide us with delicious adaptogenic cacao for lots of our retreats this year, to enjoy after our yoga nidra classes...

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 What led you to create State of Yin?

Having suffered with hormonal issues for years I educated myself on hormonal health and its impact on our energy, mood, skin and just generally how we experience every day. The power of herbs and plants are so underrated and can have such a profound positive impact on our health, I have experienced this first hand and I wanted to share this with others!


What's your favourite thing about working on State of Yin?

Connecting with other wellness brands and experts! I love being apart of a community I learn so much from. Plus hearing customers positive feedback from their experiences with our products such as improving their sleep or reducing their PMS. It makes my day!


Proudest thing about State of Yin so far?

The fact that we don’t compromise on our ingredients. Our ingredients are 100% organic and ethically sourced plus the fact that we keep our packaging as sustainable and eco friendly as possible.


Your philosophy?

Listen to your body. Your body will normally tell you what it needs or when somethings not quite right.


Favourite thing to drink in the colder months?

Cannot beat a hot cacao! Our adaptogenic raw hot chocolate is the best because I know i’m getting all those ashwagandha, maca, reishi mushroom benefits! I like to mix mine with half a teaspoon of walnut oil for some healthy fats!


One thing you wish people would do more of?

Imagine yourself in the position of an animal. I think if we did this we would show a lot more compassion towards them.


Favourite Wild Place in the UK?

Kynance Cove in Cornwall. It has the most amazing turquoise waters, such a beautiful swimming spot!


What does rewilding mean to you?

Getting back to nature. No screens. Being barefoot. Eating whole foods. Swimming in the sea.


Best health hack?

Better understand your menstrual cycle (for those that have one). A familiarity of the various phases of the cycle, their unique characteristics and how your mood and energy changes throughout them means you can better work with your body instead of against it. We have an eBook on Cyclical Living for anyone who wants to school themselves on this topic.