The Wild Times was created to help you reconnect to yourself, through reconnecting with nature. 



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Too many of us are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and burnt out. Our retreats have space for you to properly, deeply rest and ground yourself.


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Many of us 'grownups' have lost the ability to play. Grow back down, explore & get creative just for creativity’s sake.


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Try something new and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Trust us — the colder, wetter and muddier you get, the better that hot drink will taste afterwards.


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Now you're rested and you have challenged yourself, get into a meditative flow state: the perfect balance between effort and relaxation.

This is what we like to do at The Wild Times:

Spending time outside, grounding into our bodies, into nature and properly slowing down.

We also like to challenge ourselves, try new things and be open to learning. Finding that beginners mindset, flowing, exploring, and finding that childlike sense of wonder at the world ✨

Wander and Wonder

Are you coming?

See you in the wild...


“This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”


Jenny Clark Founder of The Wild Times, yoga teacher and paddle board instructor

About Jen, Founder of The Wild Times

I believe in the healing, calming power of nature. I love being in, on or by the sea, reading lots of books, taking my morning coffee outside, campfires and planning retreats, adventures (and adventurous retreats). I am now based between North London and by the sea in the New Forest, where I grew up.

I completed my first training 200 hour vinyasa teacher training with Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong at the Frame Academy in 2017.

I have since studied Yin & Ayurveda with The Yoga People, Assisting Techniques with Sunday School Yoga and trauma-informed yoga with Ourmala. I am a qualified BSUPA paddle board instructor and Level 2 SUPTA paddle board yoga teacher.

On The Wild Times retreats I love sharing the practice of yoga and any tools, techniques or little things that I have figured out along the way that can help others feel more connected to their bodies, to others and the world.

I also teach corporate and 1:1 yoga classes in-person in London or online. Drop me an email hello@thewildtimes.co or see more on my Zen with Jen yoga website here.

I lead and teach many of our Wild Times retreats, but these days you might find another trusted, wild teacher leading one of our retreats or away days too.

You will also often find one of my siblings or friends and family members helping out, and we now have an amazing community of wild workshop hosts and friends facilitating rest, adventure and connection across the UK and abroad.

Environmental Promise

We are proud to have partnered with One Tree Planted and Sea Trees.
We have planted 1 tree for every retreat booking made in 2021 and we have protected 1 square foot of kelp forest in the ocean with every booking made in 2022.

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We have planted a tree with One Tree Planted for every retreat booking. - 143 in total! One Tree Planted are a non-profit organisation focussed on global reforestation, working with 80+ carefully selected reforestation projects around the world to restore biodiversity since 2014.

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In 2022 we planted or protected 1 square foot of sea grass for every retreat booking with Sea Trees - 150 square foot in total! Sea Trees works with coastal communities around the world to reforest the ocean and is focussed on repairing and replenishing ocean ecosystems to help reverse the climate crisis.