Looking for team-building with a difference?

The past couple of years have dramatically changed how we all work together, transforming the workplace forever.

Hybrid Zoom meetings are in, catch up chats by the water cooler have gone - which is all the more reason to make the time you actually spend with your team worthwhile.

At The Wild Times we are all about real connection - to yourself, to each other and to nature. We will help your team become more rested and feeling stronger. They'll leave happier, more connected and creative and just a little bit wild.

Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45bn each year

- Deloitte

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At The Wild Times, we work to create a unique environment that facilitates real rest and really good work, where real, deep connections and collaboration can happen.

Whether it’s a paddleboard yoga class, a cooking with fire workshop, a day retreat focussing on rest, or a whole week tailored to your team (with added coaches and workshops) let’s chat and see what we can do.

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Our Signature 'Wild Teams' Aways Days


Forage, Feast & Fire 

A truly wild, fun and bonding team day.

Learn something new on a guided foraging walk before sharing a feast around the fire with our incredible long-time chef.

Eat, drink, walk and learn about foraging around the fire.


10.30-5.30 - 7 hours


Create & Connect

A fun, relaxed environment for your team to connect, create and innovate.

We find some of the best ideas come when you're out in nature - walk, talk, wander and wonder.
Try something new in one of our mindful making workshops.


10.30-5.30 - 7 hours


Rest & Ground

Learn how to properly rest and slow down through simple grounding practices.

We'll share tangible, effective tools to prevent burnout and manage stress for calmer and happier teams, including breath work, gentle, restorative yoga and forest bathing meditations.


10.30-5.30 - 7 hours

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We build our away-days around the outcomes that your business wants to achieve and any challenges you want to solve.

Future-proof your business.
Help your people build resilience and work together to solve problems and innovate.

Connect & communicate. 
A 2021 PWC survey revealed that 87% of UK business leaders expected a mix of remote and on-site work to be the new norm. Try walking talking meetings & get to know each other round the campfire.

Learn simple, effective techniques for better sleep and less stress and overwhelm.
13.7 million working days are lost each year in the UK because of work-related stress, anxiety and depression, costing £28.3 billion yearly.

"Jen hosted a day full of yoga, paddle-boarding and smiles for some of our Dope Snow Community customers. The location she recommended in Cornwall was perfect and she was so welcoming. I'd recommend The Wild Times to anybody looking for a way to reset, explore and connect with their colleagues or customers. Thank you for all of the time and work you put into making the day a great success!"

- Holly, Customer Success at Dope Snow

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Our Pillars

The Wild Times exists to connect individuals to the healing power of nature, with our nature-focussed retreats and adventures across the UK and abroad.

We’ve taken our winning formula to the workplace, creating The Wild Teams - completely bespoke away-days and retreats for your team.

Work-related stress, including burnout, accounts for around 37% of all work-related ill health cases in the UK, and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.

- The Health and Safety Executive

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We provide your team with the tools to deeply, properly rest - through walking, sitting and lying down meditation and mindfulness techniques, nature connection, restorative yoga practices and breathwork techniques.

We teach candlelit yoga Nidra (A.K.A ‘sleepy’ yoga) and yin yoga with lots of blankets and cushions, have magical sound-baths, share grounding, meditative practices and more.

We don’t care who can do a headstand. We care about equipping people with practical, tangible tools and techniques they can integrate into their lives to sleep better, focus more, be present and really rest. 


As humans, we all have the capacity and potential to rewire our brains (for better or worse), to change and grow, or to stay the same. Comfort zones get a bad reputation, but they’re great places to be in order to feel safe and - of course - comfortable. However, if you don’t venture out once in a while they can become stagnant or too comfortable, and the outside can seem overwhelming or too stressful.

At The Wild Times, we encourage people to venture outside of their comfort zones in order to grow, create new behaviours, realise their capabilities and write new stories about themselves. We love helping people out of their zone of comfort, whether that’s SUP yoga, swimming in a waterfall, whittling a spoon or [insert your scary brave thing here].

We believe in being brave, expanding your comfort zone and creating an environment where change, transformation and new ways of thinking, being and doing can happen. 

Companies with a happy workforce outperform their competitors by 20%

- University of Warwick

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Creativity is joining the dots and needs time and space for some blue sky thinking. Where better than actually under a blue sky?

Creativity = connections between people, between projects and ideas. Innovation needs some “what if?” and “how about?” and “let’s give it a go”s and experimenting and trying and failing and trying something else. Well-rested, connected and happy teams = greater creativity and innovation.

We believe in the power of nature to spark and inspire creativity. In fact, it’s proven: a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that spending time in nature can improve creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50%. If you put people in the natural environment that their bodies, minds and nervous systems have evolved to be in, let them rest, explore, play, talk and connect, they will be better equipped to work, create, plan and grow. 


Modern life, society, technology and devices have made many things easier and faster. However they’ve also made many aspects of life more complicated and far remove from the natural world our bodies, minds and nervous systems have evolved for.

At The Wild Times, we believe in the power of growing back down, of rediscovering awe and enchantment at the world, of creativity for creativity’s sake and re-learning how to play.

Have you tried walking meetings? Have you sat around a campfire together, cooking, chatting and toasting marshmallows? We find this is where real connection and breakthroughs happen, outside of the box, away from screens, in the wild. 

Research shows that happiness raises businesses productivity by 31%

- Harvard Business Review

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"A Wild Times retreat is good for the soul. I signed up for the yoga but I got so, so much more from it than I had anticipated and in a really short space of time I experienced so much. It truly felt like a transformative experience and I cannot recommend it highly enough. "

- Jane

“I have never experienced such a peaceful time in my whole life. We get caught up in the chaos of the world and never have time to ourselves….this experience made me reset… made me think about me for a change and has influenced how I approach life. Simply wonderful. Jen has this amazing presence which makes you relax and appreciate life in a different way. Thank you for everything.”


“I’m not a yogi, but I was by the end of the weekend. I loved every minute of it, the house, the location, the incredible Yin and Vinyasa yoga sessions and the SUP session was such fun, I even swam in the sea, it was freezing and I loved it. I left so relaxed and content. I need more weekends like this in my life.”

- David