Wild Times With... Hector from Unplugged Rest.


Unplugged are beautiful, minimalist off-grid cabins, hidden around the countryside only an hour or so from London (I'm planning a visit later this year and I can't wait to fully switch off! - Jen). With a mutual interest in the benefits of time spent in nature and the power of having a proper digital detox, we wanted to catch up and have some Wild Times With Hector, the Founder of Unplugged.

With a growing frustration of the inability to switch off, he spent two weeks at a silent retreat in the Himalayas and on his return, started Unplugged as a way to get busy city folk to unplug from their devices and recharge without flying halfway around the globe.

1) Why do you love nature/being outside?

We’re built for being in nature. Not for cities and windowless buildings. There’s something incredibly calming about getting back to it.

2) Favourite nature fact?

All the mycelium (think roots for mushrooms) in the top 10 centimetres of soil globally is enough to reach half way across the galaxy.

3) Favourite wild place?

I love the sea so somewhere coastal. All the classics in the UK are great- Pembrokeshire, Cornwall etc. Tricky to find a quiet spot unless you brave it in the depths of winter. Nothing quite as invigorating as a December swim in the sea.

4) What would you like your legacy to be?

I’m not sure I need a legacy. If they say “he was a nice chap” then I’ll be pleased with my swift.

5) Describe your perfect day

Hiking and reading somewhere remote sounds ideally. Quite a departure from a youth spent in the pub.

6) What would be your one tip for someone who wants to reconnect to nature/spend more time in the wild?

Start small. Go to a park, get more plants in the house, do a terrarium workshop. Become more mindful and I expect you’ll seek out more and more ways to escape.Just do it. No time like the present. Book that trip.

7) How do you ground yourself?

I try not to take myself too seriously. Easier said than done. Most our problems are ego problems so important to keep that in check. I’m just not that great so it’s easier for me than most. I also get a lot of value in meditation, reading, walking, etc etc

8) Favourite campfire food?

Maybe some grilled fish? On a sabbatical from red meat etc currently.

9) One thing you’re grateful for today:

 The people I get to see each day. Lots of wonderful people in my life.

10) What does ‘rewilding’ mean to you?

Stripping back the complexity of modern life.