Our favourite retreat porridge recipe by Beth the Free Range Chef


If you've been on one of our retreats you may have been lucky enough to have met Beth the free range chef. Beth is our long-time chef and friend who cooks on many of our adventures, including in Somerset, Cornwall and the Lake District. 

I'm not saying people just come for Beth's food, but they just come for Beth's food..!

Beth takes inspiration from cultures around the world, from hearty Italian ribolatas to Persian stews to Southern Indian Dhals. Passionate about locally sourced ingredients, baked goods, vegetables and ancient grains (shoutout to the amazing Hodmedod's), Beth cooks with love and it tastes all the better for it. 

This millet & buckwheat porridge recipe is perfect after a morning yoga session on our retreats. Enjoy, ideally with a freshly brewed coffee and a beautiful view.

Millet & Buckwheat Porridge

Serves about 4

1/2 cup millet

1/2 cup buckwheat 

3/4 cups liquid- whether water or milk or a mixture

A goodly pinch o salt

1 tsp. Ground turmeric 

1 tsp. Ground cardamom 

Zest and juice of an orange

Honey/agave/brown sugar to sweeten

A splash of tasty olive oil/knob of butter

1/2 tsp rosewater

This porridge is naturally gluten free, not too bulky and creates a very pleasing texture.

Add grains and liquid to the pan and cook on a low heat stirring occasionally to begin with then more often once the liquid is absorbed. Try the grains to check if they are soft, adding a little more liquid if sticking to the pan or still too tough.

Once the desired consistency is reached, pop in all the other bits, sweetening to taste. Also nice with sultanas and fresh ginger in the winter or fresh fruit and seeds in warmer months.

A little about Beth, our resident Wild Times chef

My challenge is always to make a lot out of a little, create seasonally and champion lesser known and under appreciated ingredients. By focusing on seasonal surplus and getting creative with curious gluts, you really can discover amazing flavour combinations and expand your diet without spending more money. Give me a handful of turnips, medlars, millet and sticky willy and I’ll give you a delicious meal!

Cooking on retreats for those needing body and mind nourishment is a true privilege. Being part of an essential healing process and sharing my knowledge and passion with those who want or need it is a proper blessing to me.