The Wild Times Christmas Gift Guide 2022

The Wild Times Christmas Gift Guide 2022

By Jenny Clark

The Wild Times Christmas Gift Guide 2022


Here's some things that would be lovely for Christmas, in my humble opinion! We are all about creating magical experiences at The Wild Times, so there are lots of experiences here because we believe that making memories and spending time with people you love are some of the greatest pleasures in life. But so too, is New Forest Honey... so there are some beautifully made  products we love in here as well. 

  • A Pottery Workshop

Making something with your hands is so satisfying and meditative. For Christmas last year I organised a pottery workshop evening with The Touring Potter in Dorset for my whole family and it was so so fun - complete with sausage rolls from my friend's cafe Noohn Wild

If you're London based, try out The Social Pottery in Kentish Town or Turning Earth

the social pottery workshops in kentish town, london

  • Tree Climbing 

My friend Syd at Social Tree Climbers will give you a new perspective... from up in the canopy, swinging around, lying on a branch and just looking up and around you at the leaves. It's honestly one of the best days I've ever had. He can even put floating tents or sofas in the trees if you'd like!

a little boy tree climbing with the social tree climbers

  • A Cosmic Sound Bath

I lurrrrrve me a sound bath. They can really help you to reset and take you into a deep state of relaxation. My wonderful friend Harriet Emily has loads of soundbaths in London and offers 1:1 sessions too. Also the magical Janie A.K.A Silence and Noise, crystal reiki healer and sound therapist extraordinaire offers incredible sound journeys too. Both have joined The Wild Times for surprise workshops that have been amazing.

harriet emily with a crystal bowl with trees behind

I mean, I'm biased but I'd say that this is a pretty amazing Christmas present! Lots of guests have bought our retreats as a Christmas or Birthday present for someone they love and it's such a wonderful thing to do.

We can send a handwritten card for them to open on Christmas Day too, but don't take our word for it: 

'Life changing experience. If you are looking for something new, different, boundary pushing or just enjoy yoga, meditation and water sports, i would well recommend The Wild Times. Excellent food, accomodation and staff, perfectly planned itinerary and overall incredible experience' - Carl

'I have never experienced such a peaceful time in my whole life. We get caught up in the chaos of the world and never have time to ourselves….this experience made me reset… made me think about me for a change and has influenced how I approach life. Simply wonderful. Jen has this amazing presence which makes you relax and appreciate life in a different way. Thank you for everything' - Jane

Not sure which one they'd like? Email us and we'll give you some advice, or buy a one of our Gift Cards so you can customise the amount!

the wild times yoga retreat guests together in the woods at campwell

Simon and his team make the most delicious, raw, award-winning honey from their hives across the New Forest, along with tinned candles and balms made with their own beeswax. You can even go on a beekeeping experience day with them in the forest. I would VERY much like this hamper for Christmas (hint hint) ;) 

the noble bee honey gift set for christmas with honey and candles 

Rebecca is so knowledgeable when it comes to all things plants, herbs and healing. She makes beautiful products through her company Laz the Plant Scientist and is currently developing products to help with burnout, anxiety and depression, along with mushroom extract ranges too. What I particularly love is that she never compromises quality and ethics when it comes to these products. She has delayed launching new products because some of the suppliers she tested weren't up to standard when it came to their sustainability credentials and the efficacy of their extracts. That's the sort of person you can trust! Also this Hair Oil is incredible!

Beautiful, nature-inspired soaps, made by hand by Anja. There are gift boxes, bundles and she can even make you bespoke blends from botanicals, oils and flowers of your choosing. They are vegan, biodegradable, pH tested, cruelty free, her recipe is lab approved and there is no plastic in the packaging.

handmade soaps by wild owl in a gift box

  • New Forest Apothecary Teas

My friend Fizz and I created the New Forest Apothecary from her cafe in the New Forest earlier this year, after lots of testing, formulating and tea-drinking! We made three limited-edition blends, and they're £6.50 each or £18 for all three:

Earth (grounding) with nettle, peppermint, dandelion root and rose
Sun (invigorating) with turmeric, ginger, lemon verbena & marigold
Moon (calming) with lavender, chamomile & orange peel

Drop me an email to order some, or pop into Noohn cafe in Burley, The New Forest.

new forest apothecary teas

We have lots of these Mari Design eye pillows on our retreats! Maisie hand-makes and hand-dyes them all from her workshop in Cornwall, and they're made with 300 year old French linen, flaxseed and lavender. Ideal for yoga, savasana, meditation, tension, headaches and travel. 

Mari Designs Yoga Eye Pillows with Flaxseed, girl doing a yoga pose on a bed with an eye pillow

I cannot get enough of these adaptogenic coffees and recommend them to everyone! They are something else you might have tried on one of our retreats this year... They have Flow, Zen and Mojo in this gift box, blended with different mushrooms, herbs and other natural substances to enhance body & mind. My personal favourite is Flow!

London Nootropics Coffee Gift Box

My lovely friend Cloudi makes these beautiful bespoke clothes in the New Forest, from cropped tops to dresses to yoga bolsters. She knits them all on her antique knitting machine, and works with you to create the colours and fit and product you want. Slow fashion in the best way. 

studio knoga knitted colourful yoga top on a girl

Perfect uniform for all adventures everyday forever ;) 

The Wild Times T-shirts worn by a girl and a boy smiling at the camera with a town quay behind

Wishing you a happy, healthy Christmas. Love Jen x


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